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Are you a Broker

Sovereign Automotive offer a bespoke range of specialist motor insurance products that are designed to improve Insurance Broker profitability and increase policyholder retention through excellent service.

Value added products that enhance the policyholder experience and your brand are what we deliver. As ever with Sovereign Automotive, if you need specialist taxi insurance products, then we can help.

Excess Protect
This product makes sure policyholders don’t have to worry about paying the excess on their insurance policy if they have an accident, potentially saving large sums of money.

Key Guard
If your policyholder loses their keys it could mean time off the road. In the case of taxis, that is lost income. This Key Guard policy gets your keys replaced quickly and efficiently.

If your policyholder has an accident then the difference between what it costs to replace the vehicle compared to the value they are paid by the insurer is the GAP. This insurance fills that GAP for your policyholder. Very important for taxi drivers who need similar replacement vehicles to keep their earning potential.

Breakdown and Recovery
If your policyholder breaks down, then Breakdown and Recovery will get them back up and running or recovered to a repair facility fast.